Austin thrives on a spirit of energy, innovation and just plain fun. And here’s an innovation that fits the Austin lifestyle as perfectly as live music or a jog around the lake. It’s a downtown mobility concept that makes traditional car rental seem so yesterday. car2go Austin is simple and easy.Downtown Austin is one of the most vital, exciting and inviting urban environments anywhere. And in that spirit, Austin thinkers, entrepreneurs and city leaders are constantly coming up with new ideas and plans that make an “on-demand” car sharing concept especially valuable. car2go’s extensive operating area and its intelligently networked parking system provide the ideal all-in-one solution. car2go membership is an easy, affordable, efficient way to connect with the energy of our great city. It’s a perfect way to get where you want to go, and have fun while you’re at it.Now you can skip the hassles of car ownership or conventional car rental. With car2go, all it takes is a low, one-time membership fee and you’re set to roll. Whether you’re up for a quick shopping trip or a drive out to the hill country or Lake Travis, car2go is just what it sounds like – a car to go.You can reserve a car ahead of time, or simply pick one up spontaneously at dozens of convenient locations all over downtown Austin. Walk up to one of the distinctive blue and white smart for two car’s, press and hold your member card to the card reader at the windshield, check it over and go. Your credit/debit card will be billed only for the amount of time you use the car, calculated down to the minute. When you’re done, simply park the car back within the operating area and the car2go Austin service team takes care of the rest. Parking, refueling, cleaning, and all other services are all included. 
Prices to Go…
One Time Registration Fee – $35.00 plus taxPer minute – 38¢ plus taxPer hour maximum – $13.99 plus taxPer day maximum – $72.99 plus taxPer mile after 150 miles (per rental) – 45¢ plus tax

Declare Your Independence

We’re LocalYou’re moving to the Central Texas area from somewhere else – why is it important to use a local company? Because we specialize in knowing everything you need to know about your new home. We know Central Texas first-hand – the land, the people, the roads, the history.We live here, work here and invest here. Local doesn’t mean smallCentral Texas is known for its big-city ideas and small-town feel. That describes us at Independence Title pretty well. We’re local, but we’re also the largest independently owned title company in Texas. We have nine national underwriters to support us and a network of relationships to help facilitate your move, no matter how far you have to go to get here. Glad to meet you.
Big doesn’t mean impersonalEvery employee is one phone call away from our top executives, and all decisions are made locally. That means we deliver services and solutions that are timely and personal to your particular needs. We give you the full benefit of our expertise, care, and professionalism on every transaction. Each investment you make in real estate is important to you … and it’s important to us. Make us your personal title companyIf you’re working with a Realtor, mortgage lender, or relocation department, tell them you prefer Independence Title. Welcome Home!