Greater Austin Leadership Team

Photo of Chad Decker
Chad Decker
Division President – Austin1EAdministration OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 767-6320 vCard for Chad Decker
Photo of Kara Bliss McGregor
Kara Bliss McGregor
Senior Vice President – Branding and Public Relations1FBusiness Development OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 454-4559Cell Phone: (512) 944-5272 vCard for Kara Bliss McGregor
Photo of Jennifer Goodrum
Jennifer Goodrum
Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development1HAustin Commercial OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 767-6375Cell Phone: (512) 750-2722 vCard for Jennifer Goodrum
Photo of Kaema Roberson
Kaema Roberson
Vice President – Director of Education2DAustin Business Development/Training OfficeCell Phone: (512) 568-5007Work Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 583-0446 vCard for Kaema Roberson
Photo of Lucinda Doyle, J.D.
Lucinda Doyle, J.D.
Vice President, Hays County Manager, Attorney at Law2bBuda OfficeWork Phone: (512) 523-3204Work Fax: (512) 852-3594 vCard for Lucinda Doyle, J.D.
Photo of Brett Beckett
Brett Beckett
Vice President – Finance and Strategy1UAdministration OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 454-4559 vCard for Brett Beckett
Photo of Jodi Gregg
Jodi Gregg
Vice President – Corporate Development1WAdministration OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 767-6388 vCard for Jodi Gregg
Photo of Misha Davis
Misha Davis
Corporate Development Escrow Specialist1ZAdministration OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 767-6388 vCard for Misha Davis