Introducing Janelle Landry

By Sarah Rooney, Social Media Manager

Janelle Landry Desk ITC
Janelle at Rollingwood

Janelle Landry might be the newest escrow officer at our Rollingwood office, but she’s been with Independence Title since our inaugural year in 2005. She had just graduated with a B.S. from Texas State and says she wasn’t exactly sure what to do with her brand new math degree. So, like many recent grads, she started with a temp agency who immediately sent her to Independence Title to help out at the front desk, and very soon after, she was hired. 

“Working in the service industry through high school and college really prepared me for the title business, believe it or not,” she laughs. “The skills I learned in that fast-paced environment, like multitasking, problem solving and customer service have served me well.” 

 She started at the front desk, and quickly transitioned into an escrow assistant where she honed her skills and found that her new job had plenty of numbers, her first love. She’s a self-described math nerd and loved tutoring her friends through their classes in high school. She was very good at explaining the concepts in ways they understood. “I think that’s why I love closing. Part of my job is taking buyers and sellers through an intimidating stack of papers and explaining it all, especially the numbers, in a way that makes sense to them,” she says. “I find it so rewarding to help them feel confident in their transaction. We all leave happy!”

 She says there are many things she likes about working at Independence Title, but the biggest of these is the people she works with. Many of them have been with the company from the beginning and they all feel like family because they watched her grow up in the business.  “I am so proud and happy to work with this Rollingwood group. These women are smart, tenacious, dedicated and supportive of each other. We have each other’s backs. It’s a great feeling to work in a such a positive atmosphere.” 

Janelle and Alex ITC
Janelle Landry and Alex Ray

She couldn’t say enough about her assistant, Alex Ray. “She’s amazing. We are so much alike, and since we can both work a file from A-Z, we make a great team!”

 Janelle’s a native Texan and although she wasn’t born in Austin, she says it’s the only place she wants to be. She and her husband are raising two young children who “are my world!” When she has a moment, she enjoys practicing yoga, getting in some outside time with the family, bike riding, hitting the beach and sampling craft beers. 

 “Independence Title is my 2nd home,” she grins. “I love what I do!”