Lisa Reiter — Round Rock Escrow Officer

Lisa Reiter grew up on the Texas Coast, in Gregory Portland. After high school graduation, she worked for the Chamber of Commerce, and during a Chamber Lisa Reiter in the closing roomevent, she was introduced to an attorney who ran a title company. Shortly thereafter, she accepted a position to work as an assistant in his office, and her title career began.

She began working directly under the attorney and learned the ins and outs of every kind of transaction. “We handled everything from residential to farm and ranch, and from oceanfront to commercial and everything you can imagine in between,” she says. She got licensed as an Escrow Officer and worked there for 12 years.

When Lisa’s husband suggested that they move to Austin, it sounded like an adventure. “We had all lived in Gregory our whole lives, and we were ready for change. We consulted with the kids, and they were excited,” she says. “So, we packed up and moved!”

When she got to Austin in 2015, she sent resumes to all the title companies. “Everything about Independence Title was top-quality,” she says. “The people, the training, the graphics — everything was above and beyond.” She loves working in the Round Rock Office. “This is a really nice office,” she says. “We’ve got really knowledgeable closers, and the Williamson County market is vast. There is such a broad range of clientele and it’s ever growing and expanding.”

She enjoys wearing all the different hats that are required of an Escrow Officer. “I love closing 1st-time homebuyers who are excited but know nothing about the Lisa Reiter holding a large key signprocess,” she says. “It is an amazing thing to be part of.” She laughs, “I also like the dirty files, the hard ones, the files where there are dead people, and heirs and messy title. I get to be a detective, a problem solver and have learned that whether the news I have to deliver is good or bad, it’s helping someone.”

She has a top-notch team and they focus on communication with clients and stellar customer service. “My team is great!” she says. “Michelle is also a licensed Escrow Officer and can answer all the questions when I’m in a closing. Ashley has absolutely impeccable customer service skills, and our clients love the combination of talents we offer. They know that whether they bring a $40k lot, or a $2M house, they will get the same service. We love all of them,” she laughs.

When Lisa is not working, she and her husband take their pups to visit their kids. “We also love exploring the hill country and Austin; we grew up in a very different part of Texas, so there’s a lot for us to do!”

Next time you have a file in the Round Rock area, give Lisa and her team a call.

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