Meet Misha Davis

By Sarah Rooney, Social Media Manager

Misha Davis started her career in the real estate industry in 2004, working with a lender. “I was very young, and it was a great introduction because I got to do a little of everything from payroll to janitorial. You name it, I did it,” she laughs. Before long, she was hired away by a small fee office where she became a licensedMisha Davis escrow officer at Independence title escrow officer and began to order title work from Independence Title, who had just opened its doors.  

By 2006, Misha was the youngest closer at Independence Title. “I love working for Independence because I really believe in the leadership of this company. They genuinely care about their employees and give us the absolute best resources to serve our clients,” she says. From being able to get a decision from someone right here in Austin, to having our own in-house title plant, to having a great legal team, she feels completely supported, “I’m a fan of Independence from the top down.” 

Being a closer means that Misha gets to use her resources and expertise to really serve people at a time in their lives where they’re doing something meaningful and sometimes scary. “This is not just another title policy to us. These are people, this is their money, and I want to give them a great experience while they’re opening the next chapters in their lives. It’s important to me to give them the attention and care that they deserve.” Even though most buyers and sellers don’t know or understand what happens behind the scenes, Misha wants them to know that it matters to her. “I’m there for them. Communication is important to everyone involved in the transaction. Our Realtors®, lenders, buyers and sellers are all our clients and we want to serve them well.”  

Misha Davis and Laura Perez Independence TitleMisha works with her assistant, Laura Perez. “I can’t say enough about Laura. We have awesome synergy and our skills complement each other perfectly,” she says. Before working in title, Laura was a licensed real estate assistant, “she knows contracts backward and forward. She understands the business and is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help our clients.”  Misha says they’ve got big plans and feels confident that Laura exemplifies the future of Independence Title. 

When Misha is not working, she stays busy. “Spare time?” she laughs, “I don’t have any spare time, I’m a mom!”