The MUD Mystery Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome to title and tech talk with Independence Title Education Team. I’m Kelli, and today we’re going to look at a website, that will help you identify if an area is in a statutory taxing different like a MUD.

Let’s take a look at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s website. We will be using the toolbar up in the right hand side of the screen. We will start with the search bar, the identify tool, and the district details tools. Let’s first start by telling the map to use the MUD layer. Then we’ll go the next icon and tell it to give us the details of the MUD.

Now we want to narrow our search area. I’m going to search the city of Cedar Park, but you can also use other criteria like the zip code or the county. Now you can see the map with all the districts highlighted with red boundaries. You can see the features on the left-hand side; these will allow you to zoom in and zoom out, or if you hold the right side of your mouse, you can move the map around. Once you’re ready to see the details of the MUD, just click inside the red boundary lines, and this will open a new window. Here is the information for the MUD provided at the top, and in the middle of the screen you can see the address and the contact information.

If you would like further information, please reach out to your escrow team, business development rep, or an education department team member. If you found this video helpful, feel free to share it.