Adrienne DuBos – Escrow Officer

Adrienne DuBos, escrow officer in our Plano office, is a native of the DFW area. She and her identical twin sister, Crystal, grew up in Garland. She recalls that asAdrienne DuBos at the closing table in the Plano Independence Title Office twins sometimes do, they had some fun by switching classes in middle school. One day, they had planned to trade classes, the rumor was out, and at the last minute decided not to switch because she found out she had a quiz she didn’t want her sister to take. “I got to class, and my teacher told me to go back to my class and send Adrienne back to her class,” she laughs. “Despite my claims that I was actually Adrienne, she sent me to my sister’s class, forcing both of us to go to the wrong class. Of course, Crystal failed my quiz.”

After graduation, she attended college classes at night and worked for a title company during the day. “I started as a receptionist, and I loved it. I was able to work on my schoolwork and simultaneously learn about the title industry”, she says. “When I graduated with my Business Degree, I stayed on and became an escrow assistant.” One day, the closer she worked with left suddenly, and it was sink or swim time. She swam. She worked up all the files, notarized the closings, and got her Escrow License very quickly. That was more than 20 years ago.

“When I interviewed with Independence Title, and met the Plant Manager in Austin, I was sold,” she says. The idea that all the departments were part of theAdrienne DuBos at the closing table with Covid Mask on escrow team made a big impression. “The support teams we have make a huge difference. I love that we have a survey department, a customer service department, quality examiners and amazing title officers that help us sort through documents and get things out to our clients quickly. Oh, and did I mention our policy manager, is one of the smartest ladies that I know? It makes a huge difference to have full departments on your team,” she says.

Being an Escrow Officer is a great fit for Adrienne. “I need to be busy and to learn new things,” she says. “Every file is different. You can never know ‘everything’ in this business. That’s what makes it fun and exciting. It is never monotonous.” She enjoys working on many things at once, and “unless you only have one file, you get to work on a variety of transactions every single day.”

Adrienne DuBos on Mardi Gras FloatAdrienne stays involved with her community and serves as an officer on the Board of Directors for the “Living for Zachary” non-profit providing awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth and makes sure AEDs are available at schools, churches, etc. She’s also got a heart for dogs and she and her family have been fostering Greyhounds for the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas for over 10 years.

“I should probably also mention my un-healthy love of Halloween,” she laughs. “I love decorating and making new things, so my Halloween collection never stops growing. We had a guillotine display set up last year, and it was a huge hit. We not only had a line of kids down the sidewalk waiting to get their treats from the Wicked Witch, but, the kids and their parents wanted to take their picture with the life-like prop.”

Adrienne DuBos with familyShe and her husband live in Plano and have 3 kids. When she is not working, they love to tour the wineries in the Texas Hill Country, or travel to the high desert portion of West Texas. She is also a  proud member of the Orpheus Krewe for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and throws one heck of a Mardi Gras party at her office every year. “Hail Orpheus!”

When you have a transaction in the Plano area, reach out to Adrienne!