Dawn Stich — Escrow Officer

Dawn Stich is a native Central Texan who spent her first 10 years in Lockhart before her family moved to Austin. Her very first job out of school was with a title company as a copy clerk. “Everything was on microfiche,” she laughs. “That’s how long ago that was.” She worked in the title plant, and as a receptionist before Dawn Stich Sitting at Desktaking a job with a tax information company. She was soon hired away by a tax consulting firm and spent ten years filing personal property tax renditions as well as assisting in the valuation of the properties.  “I learned more than anyone wants to know about taxes,” she says. “It’s a wealth of information that I tap into as an escrow officer, now and then.”

After taking some years off to start a family, she decided to dip her toes back into the title business. She accepted a position at a title company as a receptionist, moved into escrow as an assistant, then became a licensed escrow officer. “From my previous stint in title, I knew several people at Independence, and I knew I wanted to work with them again,” she says. “People stay here at Independence, it’s a great place to work,” she says. “Everything is streamlined, and the support is amazing. I can reach out and get answers when I, and my clients, need them.”

Dawn understands that residential real estate transactions are often emotional for buyers and sellers, and even for their Realtors. “I empathize with my clients. I can easily put myself in their situation. My assistant Kathy and I work Dawn and Kathy Holing Congratulations Signhard to support them during every step of the process,” she says. “Kindness is everything, and Kathy is amazingly kind; she’s also extremely organized and experienced. Communication is the key to a great transaction, so we send weekly updates, and strive to keep everyone in the loop.” Dawn and Kathy make a great team.

When she is not in the office, Dawn spends her time with her 3 children and their new puppy. “We used to spend a lot of time swimming and enjoying the local parks here in San Marcos,” she laughs. “Lately though, it’s drive-in movies and chasing this wild puppy!”

The next time you’ve got a closing in the San Marcos area, reach out to Dawn and Kathy!