Donna Sherrill

First-time home buyers bring extra joy to Donna Sherrill as an escrow officer and branch manager at our Cedar Park office.  “Working with people on the purchase of their first home is exciting and rewarding,” Donna says. “I never get tired of helping them navigate the process. They have no idea what to expect, and I feel a responsibility to inform and arm them with all the information they need. I love handing over the keys and knowing that they’ll always remember their first closing!”

Donna started out 25 years ago in the banking industry in a foreclosure department. She worked closely with a title company and was intrigued by that side of the business. “I jumped the fence into the title industry and it’s been a long, great ride,” she laughs. “I love what I do.” She finds a special reward in being a closer, and says it’s like orchestrating a grand finale where the music swells and the fireworks go off. “I absolutely love being part of the show! It never gets old.”

When Donna manages to get away from the office, she enjoys the laid back life in Lago Vista with her husband and sweet Schnauzer, Token. They love to travel, boat, and visit their daughter, son-in-law, and grand-children. Donna has a large sand collection to remind her of all of their epic adventures. “My happy place is somewhere with my feet in the sand and gazing out over the crystal clear blue water.”

Donna says Independence Title might seem like a large company, but it’s really more like a big family. “I know that I can call anyone in our management, policy, HR, or any other department, go straight to the top and they’ll go above and beyond for us,” she says. “My concerns are their concerns. This is my work home and I’m blessed to be part of it.” She’s very proud of the Cedar Park Office and their team. “We started with just two full time people and have grown to three full escrow teams and a funding department. I could not have hand-picked a better group to work with.”

Donna and her team are ready to help you at our Cedar Park office on Whitestone Blvd., a half-mile east of 183. Stop by and say hi!

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