Meet Ruby Cortez, Escrow Officer

For Ruby Cortez and her team, every transaction is the “most important” transaction. “Whether it’s a small lot purchase, or a million-dollar sale, that deal is very important to somebody. Each set of circumstances is different,” she says. “Making sure that every single transaction is done well and goes smoothly is my way of helping people achieve their goals.”

The details and challenges of every file are a puzzle that Ruby enjoys. “You would think a residential sale would be like every other residential Ruby Cortez Independence Title Escrowsale, but they’re never the same,” she says. “I am constantly learning and growing with each transaction. You can’t get stagnant in this business!”

Ruby’s experience in the title industry started in 2003 in Plano when a friend in the industry suggested she apply for an open receptionist position. And so it began! In 2004, she moved to Austin and got a job as an escrow assistant, and in 2007, she joined Independence Title. “I learned so much from being an assistant. My love for customer service grew out of experiencing how much real estate transactions mean to people in all stages of their lives.” Ruby was a fast learner, and soon was working every part of the escrow file, short of handling the closing.

But, in 2010, Ruby was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 29 years old and had a very young son. She took some time off for treatment and to focus on healing and family. Six short weeks later, she was back at work, in an office closer to home with a new group of co-workers.

“I was concerned about switching offices because I was very close to my team and I didn’t really know anyone in the Balcones office,” she laughs. “Now, I call these people my ‘work wives’ because we are an extended family. Laughter always helps de-stress, and I can safely say, we laugh a lot!”

When the Balcones office was ready to hire another closer, Ruby was ready. “My son was not so little anymore, and I felt like I could take on new responsibility at work, and balance with my responsibility as a mom,” she says. She hasn’t looked back.

When she’s not working, Ruby enjoys hanging with her family, lifting weights, boxing, and dancing. Every once in a while, her husband convinces her to take spontaneous road trips, like breakfast tacos in San Antonio, just for fun.

Ruby Cortez Independence Title
The Ruby Cortez Team: Rachael Sosa, Ruby Cortez, Carey Garcia, and Barbara Pellant Mende

“I’m so proud of my team. Our focus is on customer service and communication,” Ruby says. “My favorite thing about my job is that I’m so proud to say that I work for Independence. Our title department, business development reps and our escrow officers are all amazing.”


“I’m slightly competitive,” she laughs, “so it’s awesome to be a part of the best of the best!”