Matrix Tax Record Search for Target Marketing Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Kaema Roberson with the Education Team at Independence Title. Today I’m going to talk about using the Matrix Tax Record Search for target marketing. Let’s get started!

In order to access the Matrix tax record search, hover over the search tab at the top, and scroll down to tax record. This is what the tax record search screen looks like. This is actually a really awesome feature. We no longer have to go to Realist tax in order to search public record. We can do it directly through Matrix using this search.

Let’s talk about how to use the tax records search for target marketing. There’s really three simple steps to doing this. The first thing is to establish your geography. Where are you wanting to search? Perhaps you have a farm area that you’re trying to hone in on. You could certainly utilize the subdivision search, city, zip code… I personally like to use the map to establish the geography. Click here or use the map tab at the top to access your map. Select one of your drawing tools to outline the specific area that you want to search. And now I’m getting 832 results.

Now we may want to refine this list. This is where step two comes into play. Let’s go back to the criteria tab, and we can utilize some of the criteria here to really refine our list. Here are a few search ideas for target marketing. Owner occupied to search homeowner, landlord, or tenant, last sale date to target closing date, total assessed value to target a price range, or utilize the land use search. I recommend SFR for single family residence.

Lets take a look at what that looks like. Remember I had 832 results. So let’s apply some criteria. Let’s say owner occupied yes, let’s use last sale date to target people that purchased the house at least five years ago. I’ll add the minus sign to the date to do that. Let’s also used the assessed value. Maybe I want to find properties that are at least 300 or more. Now I have 240 matches. I can probably remove a few more by applying the land use option. I’ll type SFR for single family residence. Now I have 234 matches, which is much more manageable than 832.

Now it’s time for the third and final step. Click the results tab down at the bottom. And let’s go ahead and export this data. Click export at the bottom, and we’ll select export here. Then you’re going to find your Excel spreadsheet wherever your browser downloads files. So here’s an example of the exported tax grid. So if you click back to results, let’s say maybe you want to print labels instead. Select all, down at the bottom click Print, select the type of labels that you would like to print, and then print to PDF. Your labels will be ready for print.

That’s all for now! Thanks for watching. Contact your Independence Title business development rep if you need any assistance or additional information.