Susie Nichols – Lakewood Escrow Officer

When Susie Nichols moved to Dallas from Tulsa in her 20s, she was ready for life in the “big city,” but had no idea that a temp job with a real estate attorney would set her on a path to a career as an Escrow Officer. That temp job became permanent and gave her a look inside the real estate industry. She found it interesting, and gained experience with loan docs, wills, probates, and title insurance vocabulary. When the attorney moved, she got an offer to join the title company downstairs. And so it began!

This first job was on the post-closing side of the workflow, and Susie soon moved into the front end as an escrow assistant. “I was so fortunate to work for some legendary escrow officers in Dallas. They were such great teachers and I was constantly growing and learning. I loved it,” she says. Eventually, those escrow officers became the very people who encouraged her to start closing. That was more than 15 years ago.

“I have a neurotic attention to detail,” she laughs. “It’s a blessing and a curse, and it goes a long way in this business.” She’s happy to have found a career that utilizes her problem solving and detail-oriented focus. She describes her role in the closing room as her chance to become a mentor and teacher, and says, “I love to help. Buying and selling real estate is an emotional, stressful and confusing time for people. The closing is my opportunity to walk them through it.”

When Susie began to contemplate moving her team to Independence Title, she reached out to her mentors. “The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive,” she says. “Independence Title is the first company I’ve worked for with such a high level of internal customer service.  This teamwork allows success for all of us.”

When Susie is not at work, she enjoys all aspects of living in East Dallas and being a mom to her two amazing and talented sons. Life is good.

Next time you’ve got a transaction in or around Lakewood, swing by and meet Susie and her team!




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