Facebook Real Estate Listing Update!

By Shanahan Ramos, Curriculum Lead & Education Specialist

YES, you can still promote your Listings on your Facebook Business Page even after January 30, 2023, but here is everything you need to know!

Meta/Facebook sent out notices to Real Estate Business Pages beginning in September that they were changing the policy on posting Real Estate Listings effective 1/30/23.  Unfortunately, the wording of this notice was somewhat confusing, and the change isn’t as dramatic as it appears at first glance.

Here’s what YOU need to know:

  • Effective January 30, 2023 – Facebook BUSINESS Pages will no longer be allowed to post listings on Facebook MARKETPLACE.
  • This does NOT mean that you can’t continue posting your listings on your Facebook Business Page. You CAN still promote your listings with photos, videos, and events from your Facebook Business Page – just like you’re probably already doing.
  • If you choose, you CAN still post your listings to Facebook MARKETPLACE; you must do so from your Personal Facebook Profile (not your Business Facebook Page).
  •  You CAN still run Facebook Ads to promote your listings from your Facebook Business Page.

Why this is nothing to really panic about:

  • Most agents do not highly utilize Facebook MARKETPLACE – when did you last post a listing there?
  •  You still can if you have been using it to promote your listings! You just have to do so from your Personal Facebook Page. 
  • Don’t know what Facebook MARKETPLACE is? It’s basically the Craigslist section of Facebook where people (not businesses) can post things for sale – furniture, cars, toys, rentals, houses, etc. If you’re looking for one more place to promote your listing – it’s free! BUT, be sure that you have a process to keep the listing updated with price changes, pending and sold status, etc.